Robyn Dutkowsky

Classes: general youth curriculum, general adult curriculum, private lessons
From: Vestal, New York
Bio: With an eye for portraiture and love of figure drawing, Robyn aims to create a relationship between her subject and the viewer.  Combining a classical technique with her love of surrealism, Robyn’s art is in a world of its own.  Working with graphite, pastels, and/or oils her art lives in the hazy realm between reality and dreams.  Born and raised in upstate NY, Robyn grew up drawing with her Grandpa in pencil from a very young age.  She attended SUNY Cortland where she also divulged her curiosities in many other mediums.  The introduction of oil paints and their vibrant pigments was a turning point in the life of the graphite artist.  In 2014 Robyn earned her Bachelor Degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Oil Painting.  She has worked professionally as a commissioned artist, creating everything from portraits, to tattoo designs, to album art for musical clients.  She moved to Colorado in 2015 to pursue a new perspective on life and art.  She immediately began instructing at Schissler Academy of Fine Arts. 
As an instructor, Robyn fosters the student’s individuality while helping them create a solid classical foundation.