figure drawing II

This four week course will continue to follow Anthony Ryder's mothod, while also focusing on anatomy and the effects of light. There will be lectures on basic human anatomy (including landmarks of the body, joint types, and main skeletal and muscle composures),  light and value, and understanding form. While continuing to practice correct proportions and contour, students will also incorporate light and shadow into their drawings after explanations and demonstrations of muscle form and positioning. Materials will include graphite, charcoal (both vine and compressed), and conte. Students will work from nude live models.
$200 (Including $50 deposit upon registration)

Location: Classroom One - 129 E. 4th Street
Loveland, CO 80537

Instructor: Lindsay Droege

with lindsay droege

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Supply List

Newsprint Paper Pad, 18 x 24

Drawing Paper Pad (strathmore), 18 x 24

Kneaded Eraser

Graphite Pencils (HB, 2B, or Ebony)

Pack of Vine Charcoal (soft or extra soft)

Conte crayons (black, white, sepia, and sanguine)

Lined notebook (for note-taking)

***Supplies (besides newsprint and ebony pencils) will not be provided in class, though all materials will be available for purchase in our supply store***