Melissa Barbee

artist, instructor, and framer

Classes: General Adult Curriculum, Framing

From: Thorton, CO

Bio:​ Melissa Barbee is a Colorado native who grew up in Thornton.  Her long journey as a student of art started early in life as she explored many different mediums.  In 2001 she and her husband moved to Durango, Colorado where she earned her BA in art at Fort Lewis College with an emphasis on ceramics and sculpture.  

Melissa and her husband sold their house in Durango and traveled for three years, during which time her focus switched to two-dimensional art. She currently works in paint, both acrylic and watercolor, with the feline form and personality being her favorite subjects.  Melissa also has 7 years of picture framing experience, earning her Certified Picture Framer designation from the Professional Picture Framers Association.

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