Schissler Academy of Fine ArtsSchissler Academy of Fine ArtsSchissler Academy of Fine Arts

Classical Art Instruction in Loveland, Colorado

The Academy:
Located in the historic downtown of Loveland, Colorado the Schissler Academy of Fine Arts sits as Loveland's premier location for classical art instruction. Students taking classes at Schissler Academy can participate in mediums such as drawing, painting, and even sculpting. Take a moment to browse the "Academy Courses" section for a more complete view of what the academy offers.

Modeled after the old European Atelier schools, the general academy offers the opportunity to study art in the very manner passed down by the masters of the Renaissance, setting it apart in both the quality and style of methods taught. Students enjoy an environment that is professionally academic yet also warm and personal. The Bonnell building itself makes for a quiet and inspiring haven both to practice and develop.
The general academy is open to anyone and offers both youth and adult programs, catering to all levels of experience. Both beginners and professionals study at the Schissler Academy. A highly skilled staff formed from practicing, professional artists means that no matter where you are in your own journey as an artist, Schissler Academy has great things to offer. Small class sizes and the ability to work at an individual pace ensure that students receive the attention they need and the time to grow they deserve.    


Colorado Fine Art Supply:
Located in the forefront of the Bonnell building, Colorado Fine Art Supply offers a variety of tools and materials in all mediums of instruction. Whether you take classes at Schissler Academy or not, stop in and browse the expansive inventory. The store carries only the highest quality materials, and some items are unavailable anywhere else.  Check back often as the store will be launching an online counterpart.



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