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About Schissler Academy

How are classes different from taking art classes through community programs or studying at a college?
Programs at Schissler Academy offer artistic opportunities you cannot find anywhere else in Northern Colorado. To truly get a feel for the Schissler Academy, we recommend you spend time exploring our website, or better yet stop in and see the academy for yourself. As a classical school, Schissler Academy teaches methods and techniques that have existed since the Renaissance and were used by the masters themselves. All of our students work side-by-side in a studio setting. While some classes do contain lectures, instructors frequently demonstrate the project or study being worked on alongside the students. While we are serious about giving students instruction unmatched in its quality, your studies are as rigorous or recreational as you make them.   


If I take a class, can I just pick a topic that sounds interesting to me?
Since our curriculum builds upon itself, we strongly recommend that any new student begin in the line drawing segment of our Foundational Life Studies unit. We do offer topical classes in addition to our general curriculum and in the case of a student with prior experience in art or are ardently interested in one of our more specialized areas of study, we are more than happy to accommodate.


Is there a class for beginners?
The academy's curriculum is structured to accommodate all levels. We work with a wide range of students, from those who had never before touched a charcoal pencil to practicing professionals. Our curriculum is structured to enable students to work at their level, usually beginning in our Foundational Life Studies unit.

Will I need my own supplies?
Students do not need to purchase their own supplies until they begin working with pastel, oil painting, or watercolor painting. Classes will provide an associated materials list. For your convenience supplies can be purchased in-house at Colorado Fine Art Supply at a discount. 


How much do classes cost?

Based on four classes per month
General Youth classes = $45/class ($180 per month)
General Young Adult Classes = $50/class ($200 per month)
General Adult classes = $55/class ($220 per month)

Watercolor Class taken during the Foundation Classes=$60/class ($240 per month)

Classes are charged on a monthly basis and a one time registration fee of $30 upon enrollment


How often are classes held and how long do they last?
Most classes meet once per week and are generally structured on a four week schedule. The academy does not limit how long a student may continue to study a particular medium and all students are enrolled continually until that enrollment is ended by the student. Adult classes last three hours while youth classes last an hour and a half. Young adult classes for students between the ages of 13 and 18 last for two hours. 



Do all of your instructors have degrees?
All of our instructors hold degrees from accredited schools, colleges, and universities or have studied and trained formally under recognized, professional artists. We suggest you explore their bios to learn more about each one, as all come from diverse backgrounds and bring a special skill and scope to our classical instruction.


Does that mean your instructors are professional artists?
Yes, Schissler Academy is unique in that all of our instructors are practicing, professional artists. Most of our instructors actively show and sell their work via numerous outlets, including galleries, events, and commission pieces.


How many instructors are there per classroom?
As a classical school, Schissler Academy operates in a studio setting rather than a formal classroom.  Classes always maintain a 1-to-4 ratio of instructors-to-students, ensuring that every individual is able to work at their own pace while receiving personalized instruction.



What exactly does the store sell? Is it only for students?
Colorado Fine Art Supply is an art supply store open to anyone. Casual enthusiasts and professionals alike frequent the store. We offer an array of high-quality and competitively priced supplies.  Our growing inventory covers all of the classical mediums we teach.


Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, all of our students receive a 5% discount on any supplies purchased at Colorado Fine Art Supply.


What about gift cards?
We offer gift cards as well, which can be loaded with any desired amount and are good both in the store and for classes through Schissler Academy of Fine Arts.

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