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Painting at Schissler Academy

At Schissler Academy students study in all the classic mediums; charcoal, graphite, pastel, watercolor, pen & ink and oils. The academy strongly recommends students without previous experience first spend time in drawing and pastel painting before oil painting or watercolor painting. Painting students are required to purchase their own materials. Colorado Fine Art Supply is proud to offer paints and brushes that are both of the highest quality and value at a student discount and our staff is more than happy to help students select the best paints, brushes, and the like. We are proud to offer painting courses to the Loveland and Fort Collins Communities. 

Pastel Painting

Students at Schissler Academy begin their color studies with soft-chalk pastels. Not only is chalk pastels the closest to painting with pure pigments it is also a great medium for quick studies. Because of the quickness and ease of applying color paintings with pastel can be created quickly and have freshness not found in other mediums


Students begin their color studies by using pastels to create a still-life while also studying complementary colors. After working through the Schissler Academy color curriculum students choose their first simple landscape to create in pastel. The students then can choose to create a botanical/floral or a simple portrait.

Oil Painting

​In the true spirit of classical painting, students working in oil will learn the techniques and methods used by the masters. Thorough, technique based instruction guides all of the academy's oil students through color mixing, organization of the palette. Compositions in oil will take students through still-life, landscape, and portraiture.


Watercolor Painting

Beginning with the basic brush strokes and classic wash techniques students learn to master the skills necessary to create delicate paintings which watercolor painting can produce. After learning the basic painting skill sets the students begins a series of small paintings from the academy curriculum to advance their skills. After moving through the curriculum students then choose their own subjects and techniques to create their own compositions


Janeen Schissler Oil Painting - Glazing
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