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Art Instruction at Schissler Academy

What does it mean to to be modeled after the European Atelier schools? The term itself reaches back as far as the Middle Ages and more specifically refers to private European studios of the Renaissance. Master artists trained assistants who helped in the production of the masters' work or produced work under the name of the master. Schissler Academy emulates the modern European style of Atelier, employing professional artists, most of whom are early to mid-career, teaching classical methods and techniques to students at a low student-to-teacher ration. While the academy offers an array of mediums and techniques, the emphasis on the classical styles of high realism and accuracy is paramount. The general academy is open to any student of any skill or age who signs up for classes.      

Schissler Academy offers a cumulative curriculum that begins by establishing a strong foundation in fundamental skill sets, particularly drawing and painting. The academy's unique structure allows for a student to join and begin taking classes at any time of the year, and even better, to move through the curriculum at their own pace. Students work in a studio format inside the spacious, historic Bonnell Building. The inviting atmosphere fosters the enjoyment of pursing the arts and encourages real growth. In any given class, students of all levels work on an array of compositions side-by-side. Instructors work one-on-one with each student. The result and beauty of the Atelier model is that it transcends the form and feel of a classroom, making the process of learning both immersive and experiential.

General Class Information

• Adult classes last for three hours and meet once per week. The cost of the adult foundation class is $55 or $220 per month
• Young adults are considered students between the ages of 13 and 17 years old. Young adult classes last two hours and meet once per week. The cost of the young adult class is $50 or $200 per month. Young adults can also attend any specialty course as well as some certificate courses.

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